I am a Brooklyn-based museum educator and arts administrator whose interest and background in history, critical theory, art, contemporary cultural critique, education, and identity construction merge in the research and reflection of my family history.  Through such reflection, I share the stories of my ancestors, while considering the contemporary relevance of history.  In this way, I hope to learn more about my relatives, myself, and the collective and diverse experiences of people of African descent .

Thank you for joining me along this journey as I search Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and beyond for each and every kinsman of mine!

– Keonna


2 responses to “About

  1. Valetta

    My name is Valetta Ralph (Marks). This is one of the best genealogy research I’ve ever come across. I am in the process of researching my family history as well and I realize we have some of the same relatives. I am from Baltimore, Md. and I am currently researching my fathers family. Most of whom are from Virginia. Some of my family names are Marks, Jiggetts, Valentine, Baskerville, Boyd, Mayo and Maclin. Hope we can continue this communication.

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